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The Vanguard: Theodoros Stamos

on September 18, 2023

Theodoros Stamos was a Greek-American Abstract Expressionist whose art is known for its emotive depth and resonance. Born in 1922 in New York City to Greek immigrant parents, Theodoros was deeply influenced by his heritage and the natural world.

abstract expressionism artist theodoros stamos

Untitled Number 2 by Theodoros Stamos.

Theodoros's journey as an artist began with formal training at the American Artists School, where he honed his craft alongside contemporaries like Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Inspired by the works of European modernists and ancient Greek art, Stamos developed a unique style characterized by vibrant colors and dynamic compositions.

abstract expressionism artist theodoros stamos

'Albatross' by Theodoros Stamos, 1960.

Throughout his career, Theodoros's art evolved, embracing elements of surrealism and abstraction to create paintings that evoke a sense of transcendence. His renowned "Infinity Field" series, characterized by expansive, luminous planes of color, best exemplifies this quality in his work.

In the late 1940s, Theodoros was part of group of 18 artists known as the 'Irascibles.' This was a group of abstract painters who protested the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s policy toward 1940s American abstract art. 

abstract expressionism artist theodoros stamos

Recognized as a leading figure in the Abstract Expressionist movement, Theodoros and his work has left an indelible mark on the art world. 


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