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Abstract Expressionist Artists We Love: Jeffrey Tover

on March 27, 2023
Jeffrey Tover is based in the town of Benicia, a stone's throw away from the vibrant cityscape of San Francisco where he studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. His paintings embody the best of Abstract Expressionism. 
Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Jeffrey Tover

'Coachella Valley' by Jeffrey Tover.

In Tover’s paintings, I see the unmistakable influence of Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell, and Willem DeKooning. His canvases seem to explode with a kaleidoscope of colours and dynamic, bold gestures. According to him, he aims to create art that defies monotony and engages the viewer indefinitely. He has clearly succeeded.

Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Jeffrey Tover

'Macon' by Jeffrey Tover.

In his own words, Tover explains that his "paintings are as unique as each person walking the earth. They are meant to invoke their own persona and, in turn, influence the viewer in myriad ways. I paint without fear and without intention, wishing to explore the limitless possibilities and embrace the spontaneous dialogue that unfolds between the creator and his creation."

Tover's art is a testament to the endless creativity of abstract expressionism, and to me, each of his paintings feels like an open invitation to engage in a profound visual conversation.

Check out Jeffrey Tover's work:


Pete Stein
Founder, Galerie Stein

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