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Featured Vancouver Abstract Expressionist Artist: Beth W. Stewart

on January 08, 2024

Beth W. Stewart 
Vancouver, Canada

In the heart of Vancouver, Canada, lies the bright and colorful studio of Galerie Stein's featured Abstract Expressionist artist, Beth W. Stewart. I first encountered this Vancouver abstract artist's paintings years ago and have been following her evolution as an artist ever since. I was actually an early collector of her work, pulled in by her use of vibrant colors and her expressive compositions. 

Featured Vancouver Abstract Expressionist Artist: Beth W. Stewart

Drawing inspiration from her background in academia and activism, Beth's paintings are expressions of her responses to stories about resistance, revolution, and resilience. This Vancouver abstract artist's path to becoming an Abstract Expressionist artist is rather unique. She started painting while doing difficult doctoral research. She needed an emotional outlet and found it in Abstract Expressionism.

Contemporary Abstract Expressionism artist Beth W. Stewart; Vancouver abstract artist
'Beyond inside,' an early-career Abstract Expressionist painting by Vancouver abstract artist Beth W. Stewart.

Beth's process is as dynamic as her subject matter, starting with bold gestural compositions produced by her raw emotional responses to the stories that inspire her. As a painting evolves, Beth transitions to complex mark-making—a complex world of lines tracing her thoughtful reflections. The result is a mesmerizing interplay of vibrant gestural compositions overlaid by complex webs of lines.

Contemporary Abstract Expressionism artist Beth W. Stewart; Vancouver abstract artist

'The greatest rebellion the world has ever seen' by Vancouver abstract artist Beth W. Stewart.

As a Vancouver abstract artist, Beth has exhibited at various galleries across the city. Her first solo show was in 2015 in Vancouver and showcased the Abstract Expressionist paintings that she produced in the midst of her difficult research.

Since then, she has exhibited internationally and has been invited to speak about her creative process to audiences in South Africa, the UK, the US, and across Canada. Given the academic roots of her art, her paintings have been featured and written about in academic journals and at conferences worldwide. Her paintings also appear on the covers of numerous books.

Contemporary abstract expressionist artist Beth W. Stewart
Vancouver abstract artist, Beth W. Stewart, in front of her painting, 'A meta-narrative of us.'

As this Vancouver abstract artist continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, her art serves as a reminder of the transformative power of creative expression. Her distinctive weaving together of academia and abstract art is a testament to Abstract Expressionism's ability to reflect our emotional navigations of the complex realities of our world.

I'm excited to feature Vancouver Abstract Expressionist artist Beth W. Stewart at Galerie Stein. Check out her work HERE.


Pete Stein
Founder, Galerie Stein

Galerie Stein will be presenting several contemporary Abstract Expressionist artists both virtually at and in our gallery in Montreal in 2024.
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