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Why Use Abstract Expressionist Prints for Interior Design?

on December 11, 2023

As a gallerist specializing in Abstract Expressionist art, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact these prints can have on interior design projects. Abstract Expressionist prints are dynamic focal points, infusing spaces with a sense of energy, depth, and emotion.

photo of an interior designer with blank frames on a wall behind her.

For designers, incorporating Abstract Expressionist prints offers endless possibilities for creating unique and visually stunning environments. These prints provide designers with a versatile tool to add character and personality to any space, whether it's a residential home, commercial office, or hospitality venue.

Moreover, Abstract Expressionist prints resonate with clients on a profound level, eliciting emotional responses and sparking conversation. From vibrant, bold compositions to serene, contemplative landscapes, each print tells a story and invites viewers to interpret it in their own way.

The arm of a person holding a tablet with the design layout, standing in an empty room.

By curating Abstract Expressionist prints by carefully selected artists, galleries like ours provide designers with a variety of options to meet their aesthetic visions. With their timeless appeal and universal allure, Abstract Expressionist prints will undoubtedly enhance any interior space, creating environments that inspire, captivate, and delight.


Pete Stein
Founder, Galerie Stein

Galerie Stein will be presenting several contemporary Abstract Expressionist artists both virtually at and in our gallery in Montreal in 2024.
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